Expat Diary

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At the end of 2008 I came to France to spend some months in Dijon thanks to a grant. 
Back then, and still nowadays, even though the most of my work was in medium format, I used and old 35mm SLR, a Canon AE1 that walks with me since the moment I started studying photography, I used it like we used the smartphones today, I carried with me to take pictures of the new places I found daily.

This series gathers photographs from late 2008 to early 2012, fateful moment where an accident finished with the 28mm lens I used. Those where crucial years, full of comings and goings between Spain and France: Castellon, my hometown, Valencia, where I used to visit some friends, Barcelone, where I lived before moving to France, Dijon, where I spent some months, and Paris, where I finally decided to move. This pics talks about those years. I never gave it much importance, there were like a travel journal, or like a sketch exercise for the medium format work. Some years ago I decided to compile some of them to make this series.